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The Bema 65 Gallery (WizyTUjąca GALERIA Bema 65)

One of the places worth visiting is a building at 65 Bema Street that has a long-standing tradition. Built at the turn of the 20th and 21st century, the building originally served as the new headquarters of Lilpop, Rau and Loewenstein. The factory was founded in 1866 and since its very beginning produced various products, inter alia, trams and railway carriages (including even a Chevrolet or Buick – after signing a license agreement with the US consortium), and also ... beet slicers! The fate of the company was changed during World War I by the Russian army and during World War II by Germans.

Even though Lilpop, Rau and Loewenstein thrived in the interwar period, the end of World War II, when its production facilities were blown up, brought about the closure of the factory. After these events the company has never resumed its business activity. After the War, different state institutions and private companies for decades had their headquarters in the former factory buildings.

Currently, it is worth visiting the Bema 65 Gallery (Galeria WizyTUjąca) which has been located here since 2002. Works exhibited here come from contemporary artists – both experienced and novice ones. Selected paintings, graphics and photographs are for sale. The Bema 65 Gallery (Galeria WizyTUjąca) is based on the idea of spreading knowledge about young contemporary art and bringing it to people of different backgrounds.