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The Museum of Wola

The abode of the Museum of Wola being a division of the Historical Museum of Warsaw is located at 12 Srebrna Street in the neo-Renaissance Borman Palace of the second half of 19th century. This charming small building, which strongly contrasts with the surrounding buildings of the crude post-war architecture, was entered in the National Register of Historic Places in 1965. The Museum of Wola, founded here in 1974, is one of very few museums in Poland dedicated to a particular part of the city.

The Museum also houses the Society of Wola's Friends. Since the beginning of the Museum’s functioning, approximately two hundred temporary exhibitions were presented here, many of which were organized with the help of the residents of the district. The permanent exhibition entitled The Warsaw Wola 1367-1996 presents a collection of exhibits (including documents) that depict the history of Wola and the transformation that the district has undergone. In the mid-1990s, the Hall of Warsaw 17 Plated Articles under the name of Aniela and Tadeusz Wysiadeccy was opened.

The collections owned by the Museum of Wola include: iconography, museum and movie posters, memorabilia of the Ulrich Family (Warsaw gardeners), souvenirs of the Chrobry II Battalion of the Polish Home Army and also press clippings concerning Wola – even those of 1974. The exhibition entitled Pupilla Libertatis – Free Election of Polish Kings 1573 - 1764, presented at the Museum in the first half of 2009, should also be mentioned at this point. Both the highest level of organization and presentation of unique works of art borrowed from numerous institutions throughout Poland contributed to the fact that the exhibition was an enormous success. Finally – to encourage even more to visit the Museum of Wola – it is worth adding that popular scientific sessions and diversified artistic meetings are held here.