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About the Wola District

Wola is one of the 18 auxiliary units – Districts of Warsaw. Its area is ​​19,26 km2 what is 4% of the Warsaw’s area. The population of Wola is estimated to be about 140,000.

Wola was a typical industrial and labor part of the city before the World War II. Many of the famous factories were located there (Warynski factory, Roza Luksemburg factory). Wola is developing really rapidly nowadays. Old, postindustrial buildings have been adopted by banks and global companies. Many areas of the District have been earmarked for housing development. The key communication routs are being modernized. Wola is transforming into a commercial part of the Warsaw, becoming its real business City.

The cultural issues are very important for the authorities as well. There are many beautiful and interesting museums like Warsaw Uprising Museum or Museum of Wola in the District. Every year plenty of cultural events take place there, for example: Wola Art Festival or „Nowy Karcelak”.

Wola Art Festival is an unique art project that goes into the urban space presenting work of artists from various fields of art including painters, sculptors, photographers. Many of them are recognized in Poland and abroad. New Kercelak takes place every year in June and is an open-air event, referring to the tradition of the district, the largest bazaar of pre-war Warsaw.

Summer is the best time to visit the Amphitheatre in the Sowińskiego Park. The outdoor events, concerts, festivals and reviews are organized at every weekend.

You are more than welcome to visit the website of the Wola District You will find useful and updated information there.

Information about upcoming and important events can also be found in “Kurier Wolski” - a free magazine published by Wola District Office. It contains lots of interesting facts, tips for residents, advertisements, interviews and cultural information.